Photo: Giraffe, South Africa. Photo by Carla Staver (Faculty, Yale University).
Simon A. Levin - Research Grants
I. Title: EDT: Mathematical Methods for Water Problems
Source of Support: National Science Foundation
Major Goals: To expose students to societal problems related to water, and to the mathematical challenges related to modeling and analyzing them.
PI: Peter Constantin (Princeton University) and Simon A. Levin
II. Title: A New Framework for Ecological Kinetics in Natural Environments
Source of Support: The Simons Foundation
Major Goals: To better understand the dynamics of microbial commmunities in Earth's oceans by jointly developing new ecological theory alongside a powerful experimental system for re-creating realistic marine micro-environments in the laboratory; to learn what drives population dynamics of ocean microbes, which play a critical role in marine ecosystems and the global carbon cycle; to provide new theoretical tools that can be applied to other complex ecological systems.
PI: Simon A. Levin (with Andrew Hein, Institute of Marine Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz; NOAA)
III. Title: Collaborative Research: The Role of Spatial Interactions in Determining the Distribution of Savanna and Forest
Source of Support: National Science Foundation
Major Goals: To conduct empirical work and perform modeling to help understand the spatial dynamics of the forest-savanna boundary in semi-arid regions of the world.
PI: Simon A. Levin (with Carla Staver, Yale University)
IV. Title: Resilience and Robustness in Ecological Distributed Decision-Making Dynamics
Source of Support: Army Research Office
Major Goals: To understand how consensus is achieved in multi-agent systems, and implications for resilience and robustness of those systems.
PI: Naomi Leonard (Princeton University) and Simon A. Levin
V. Title: Individual Behavior and Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Source of Support: The James S. McDonnell Foundation
Major Goals: To use framing of vaccine underuse and antiobiotic overuse (relative to their socially optimal levels) to understand better how best to harness infectious disease epidemiology and social science to the service of pubic health.
PI: Ramanan Laxminarayan (Princeton University) and Simon A. Levin
VI. Title: Evolutionary Dynamics of Parochial Social Norms
Source of Support: The James S. McDonnell Foundation
Major Goals: To study (theoretically and through online experiments) the behavioral dynamics of selfish individuals, potentiated by social norms that may distinguish between in and out-group members, in order to better understand the patterns of cooperation and conflict observed across societies.
PI: PI with Fernando Santos (Postdoctoral Researcher, Princeton University)
VII. Title: Convergence: RAISE: Linking the Adaptive Dynamics of Plankton with Emergent Global Ocean Biogeochemistry
Source of Support: UC Irvine/National Science Foundation
Major Goals: Levin and postdoc will lead in the development and analysis of trait-based models of Synechococcus and the marine ecosystems in which it is embedded.
PI: Simon A. Levin
VIII. Title: Stockholm Resilience Centre Research Exchange Program
Source of Support: Princeton University Provost International Fund, PEI, Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment
Major Goals: To provide travel funds for faculty and students to SRC and PIK, in support of the collaborative program with those institutions.
PI: Simon A. Levin
IX. Title: Feeding the World in 2020/Resilience, Adaptation, and Systemic Risk
Source of Support: Princeton University Dean for Research, PEI, the Stockholm Resilience Centre
Major Goals: To provide postdoctoral positions in support of the collaborative program with the SRC and PIK
PI: Simon A. Levin
X. Title: Princeton-Humboldt Cooperation and Collective Cognition Network (CoCCon)
Source of Support: Princeton University-Humboldt Cooperation
Major Goals: To provide financial support for collaborative projects between the two universities.
PI: Simon A. Levin