Levin Lab
Photo: Some Levin Lab Members and Friends Past and Present. Back: L-R: Carla Staver (Ph.D. 2012; Faculty, Yale University), Andrew Tilman (Ph.D. 2017; Postdoc, Univerity of Pennsylvania), Corina Tarnita (Faculty, Princeton University). Front: L-R: Lei Zhou (VSRC 2016-17; Graduate Student, Peking University), Charlotte Chang (Ph.D. 2017; Postdoc, NIMBioS), Sarah Drohan (GS), Flavia Marquitti (Postdoc 2016-17; Postdoc, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil), Lisa McManus (Ph.D. 2017; Postdoc, Rutgers University), Dylan Morris (GS).
Levin Lab - Directory 2018
The Levin Lab is located in Eno Hall, with additional offices in Guyot Hall. To locate both buildings: Map of the Princeton University Campus.
For more information on visiting the Princeton University Campus: Visiting Campus.
Mailing address: Princeton University, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, 106A Guyot Hall, Princeton, NJ 08544-1003.
Simon A. Levin 203 Eno Hall 609.258.6880 slevin@princeton.edu
Sandi Milburn 213 Eno Hall 609.258.6879 milburn@princeton.edu
Assistant to the Director      
Visiting Faculty
Malin Pinsky
Rutgers University; Levin Lab, 201 Eno Hall
848.932.8242; 609.673.6884 pinsky@princeton.edu
Graduate Students
Georgios Artavanis 215 Guyot Hall 609.258.6883 ga6@princeton.edu
Samuel Cho 202 Eno Hall 609.258.6881 samuelcho@princeton.edu
Nicolas Choquette-Levy 201 Eno Hall 609.673.6884 nc8@princeton.edu
Daniel Cooney 215 Eno Hall 609.258.6883 dcooney@princeton.edu
Sarah Drohan 202 Eno Hall 609.258.6881 sedrohan@princeton.edu
Laura Elsler Stockholm University   laura.elsler@su.se
Bernat Guillen 211 Fine Hall; 202 Eno Hall 609.673.8868; 609.258.6881 bernatp@princeton.edu
Mari Kawakatsu 216 Eno Hall 609.258.3830 mari.kawakatsu@princeton.edu
Rutwik Kharkar 216 Eno Hall 609.258.3830 rkharkar@princeton.edu
Wenying Liao 216 Eno Hall 609.258.3830 wenying@princeton.edu
Mayank Sarika Misra 202 Eno Hall 609.258.6881 mayank@princeton.edu
Dylan Morris 215 Eno Hall 609.258.6883 dhmorris@princeton.edu
Chadi Saad-Roy 215 Eno Hall 609.258.6883 csaadroy@princeton.edu
Edward Schrom Graham Lab, Guyot 304   eschrom@princeton.edu
Luojun Yang Grenfell Lab, Eno 212   luojuny@princeton.edu
Visiting Student Research Collaborators
None at present.      
Postdoctoral Researchers
George Hagstrom M29 Guyot Hall 609.258.7436 gih@princeton.edu
Jude Kong

Rutgers University (DIMACS);
Princeton University, M30 Guyot Hall

Chai Molina M30 Guyot Hall 609.258.7437 molina@princeton.edu
Theresa Ong M31 Guyot Hall 609-258-7915 wyong@princeton.edu
Fernando Santos M28 Guyot Hall 609.258.7435 fpsantos@princeton.edu
Edward Tekwa Rutgers University (Pinsky Lab);
Princeton University, M30 Guyot Hall
609.258.7437 wong.tek.wa@gmail.com
Vitor Vasconcelos M28 Guyot Hall 609.258.7435 vvldv@princeton.edu
Talia Young M29 Guyot Hall 848.228.2542 talia.young@princeton.edu