Photo: Fishing nets. Photo from Pixabay.
Levin Lab - 2022 Publications
Archive of Recent Years

Adiga, A., Lewis, B., Levin, S., Marathe, M.V., Poor, H.V., Ravi, S.S., Rosenkrantz, D.J., Stearns, R.E., Venkatramanan, S., Vullikanti, A., and L. Wang. 2022. "AI techniques for forecasting epidemic dynamics: Theory and Practive." In Artificial Intelligence in Covid-19, eds. N. Lidstromer and Y.C. Eldar, 193-228. Springer. To read, click here.

Carlson, A.K., Boonstra, W.J., Joosse, S., Rubenstein, D.I., and S.A. Levin. 2022. More than ponds amid skyscrapers: Urban fisheries as multiscalar human-natural systems. Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management 25: 1-10. .pdf

Carlson, A.K., Taylor, W.W., DeVries, D.R., et al. (including S.A. Levin). 2022. Stepping up: A U.S. perspective on the ten steps to responsible inland fisheries. Fisheries 47(2): 68-77. .pdf

Chapin III, F. S., Weber, E.U., Bennett, E.M. et al. (including S.A. Levin). 2022. Earth stewardship: Shaping a sustainable future through interacting policy and social norm shifts. Ambio. To read, click here.

"Complexity and the commons with Simon A. Levin." (2022, February 28). In In Common (087) [podcast]. To listen to the podcast, click here.

Cooney, D.B., Morris, D.H., Levin, S.A., Rubenstein, D.I., and P. Romanczuk. 2022. Social dilemmas of sociality due to beneficial and costly contagion. PLoS Computational Biology. Doi: To read, click here.

Cooney, D.B., Rossine, F.W., Morris, D.H., and S.A. Levin. 2022. A PDE model for protocell evolution and the origin and chromosomes via multilevel selection. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 84: 109. .pdf

Fahimipour, A.K., Zeng, F., Homer, M., Traulsen, A., Levin, S.A., and T. Gross. 2022. Sharp thresholds limit the benefit of defector avoidance in cooperation on networks. PNAS 119(33): e2120120119. .pdf

Fischer, I., Levin, S.A., Rubenstein, D.I., Avrashi, S., Givon, L., and T. Oz. 2022. Interacting with others while reacting to the environment. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 45: E106. .pdf

Fischer, I., Rubenstein, D.I., and S.A. Levin. 2022. Vaccination-hesitancy and global warming: Distinct social challenges with similar behavioural solutions. Royal Society Open Space 9: 211515. .pdf

Gibbs, T., Levin, S.A., and J.M. Levine. 2022. Coexistence in diverse communities with higher interactions. PNAS 119(43): e2205063119. .pdf

Job, A., Verb, L., Reeves, M., and S.A. Levin. 2022. Aging gracefully: Avoiding corporate decline by embracing lessons from biology. BCG Henderson Institute. To read, click here.

Krueger, E.H., Constantino, S.M., Centeno, M.A., Elmqvist, T., Weber, E.U., and S. A. Levin. 2022. Governing sustainable transformations of urban social-ecological-technological systems. npj Urban Sustainability 2, 10. .pdf

Krueger, E.H., McPhearson, T., and S.A. Levin. 2022. Integrated assessment of urban water supply security and resilience: Towards a streamlined approach. Environmental Research Letters 17(7): 075006. .pdf

Leonard, N.E., and S.A. Levin. 2022. Collective intelligence as a public good. Collective Intelligence 1(1). Doi: To read, click here.

Levin, S.A. 2022. In National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine 2021. 2021 Nobel Prize Summit: Our Planet, Our Future: Proceedings of a Summit, 12, 55, 75. Washington, D.C.: The National Academies Press. To read, click here.

Levin, S.A., and A. Rinaldo. 2022. Ignacio Rodríguez-Iturbe (1942-2022): A review of a pathbreaking academic career combining chance and self-organization. PNAS 119(49): e2217606119. .pdf

Martiny, A.C., Hagstrom, G.I., DeVries, T., Letscher, R.T., Britten, G.L., Garcia, C.A., Galbraith, E., Karl, D., Levin, S.A., Lomas, M.W., Moreno, A.R., Talmy, D., Wang, W., and K. Matsumoto. 2022. Marine phytoplankton resilience may moderate oligotrophic ecosystem responses and biogeochemical feedbacks to climate change. Limnology and Oceanography 9999: 1-2. .pdf

Puy, A., Beneventano, P., Levin, S.A., Lo Piano, S. Portaluri, T., and A. Saltelli. 2022. Models with higher effective dimensions tend to produce more uncertain estimates. Science Advances 8(42). To read, click here.

Puy, A., Lo Piano, S., Saltelli, A., and S.A. Levin. 2022. sensobol: An R package to compute variance-based sensitivity indices. Journal of Statistical Software 102 (5). To read, click here.

Qiu, Z., Espinoza, B., Vasconcelos, V.V., Chen, C., Constantino, S.M., Crabtree, S.A., Yang, L., Vullikanti, A., Chen, J., Weibull, J., Basu, K., Dixit, A., Levin, S.A., and M.V. Marathe. 2022. Understanding the coevolution of mask wearing and epidemics: A network perspective. PNAS 119(26): e2123355119. .pdf

Reeves, M., Levin, S., and A. O'Dea. (2022, January 20). What did we learn from the COVID crisis? BCG Henderson Institute. To read, click here.

Rosenkrantz, D.J., Vullikanti, A., Ravi, S.S., Stearns, R.E., Levin, S., Poor, H.V., and M.V. Marathe. 2022. Fundamental limitations on efficiently forecasting certain epidemic measures in network models. PNAS 119(4): e2109228119. .pdf

Shmul, Y., Reeves, M., and S. Levin. (2022, January 11). Building a mutually reinforciing system of organizational and personal resilience. BCG Henderson Institute. To read, click here.

Solé, R., and S.A. Levin, eds. 2022. Ecological Complexity and the Biosphere: The Next 30 Years: A Theme Issue Compiled and Edited by Ricard Sole and Simon A. Levin. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 377(1857). .pdf

Solé R., and S.A. Levin. 2022. Introduction: Ecological complexity and the biosphere: The next 30 years. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: 377(1857): 20210376. .pdf

Vasconcelos, V.V., Dannenberg, A., and S. A. Levin. 2022. Punishment institutions selected and sustained through voting and learning. Nature Sustainability. To read, click here.

Wang, G., Phan, T.V., Li, S., et al. (including S.A. Levin). 2022. Robots as models of evolving systems. PNAS 119(12): e2120019119. .pdf

Yang, L., Constantino, S.M., Grenfell, B.T., Weber, E.U., Levin, S.A., and V.V. Vasconcelos. 2022. Sociocultural determinants of global mask-wearing behavior. PNAS 119(41): e2213525119. .pdf