Photo: Trees in the savanna. Two 2019 papers in PNAS focus on trees in the savanna: Rodriguez-Iturbe et al. "Tree clusters in savannas result from islands of soil moisture," and Staver et al., Spatial patterning among savanna trees in high-resolution, spatially extensive data." See below for publication details. Photo from Pixabay.
Levin Lab - 2019 Publications
Archive of Recent Years

Brumley, D.R., Carrara, F., Hein, A.M., Yawata, Y., and S.A. Levin. 2019. Bacteria push the limits of chemotactic precision to navigate dynamic chemical gradients. PNAS 116(22): 10792-10797. .pdf

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Rodriguez-Iturbe, I. Chen, Z., Staver, A.C., and S.A. Levin. 2019. Tree clusters in savannas result from islands of soil moisture. PNAS: DOI:10.1073/pnas.181389116. .pdf

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