Photo: Detail from a photo of fishing boats in the Philippines, by Malin Pinsky (former Levin Lab member).
Levin Lab - 2017 Publications
Archive of Recent Years

Beddington, J. et al. (including S.A. Levin). 2017. EU must not burn the world's forests for 'renewable' energy. The Guardian (December 14, 2017). .pdf

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Paine, R., Buhle, E., Levin, S., and P. Kareiva. 2017. Short-range dispersal maintains a volatile marine metapopulation: The brown alga Postelsia palmaeformis. Ecology 98(6): 1560-1573. .pdf

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Reeves, M., Levin, S., and D. Ueda. 2017. Think biologically: Messy management for a complex world. The Boston Consulting Group Website (July 19, 2017). To read, click here.

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