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Levin Lab News
05.30.24 - Levin Lab Postdoc Emma Zajdela's Group of Mentees Receive Santa Fe Institute Prize
The group of students mentored by Postdoctoral Research Associate Emma Zajdela at the Santa Fe Institute Complexity Global School in South Africa has been honored for their project "Scialog: An Antidote to Homophily Effects in Scientific Collaboration," which looked at the role of scientific conferences in generating diverse, interdisciplinary teams. As a prize, the students, who are from the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences in Ghana and Senegal, are invited to visit the Santa Fe Institute in September during the postdoc conference, where they will continue to work on their project.
05.27.24 - Levin Lab Postdoc Guillaume Falmagne Receives a Lopez-Loreta Foundation Prize
Postdoctoral Research Associate Guillaume Falmagne has received a Lopez-Loreta Foundation Prize, an award that gives a researcher and his/her/their team a million Euros to work on a project for five years. Guilllaume Falmagne's project CORESCO will study new structures favoring human cooperation at large scales, designing a video game to be used as a large-scale laboratory.
05.20.24 - Kimberly Shen ’24 Receives Research Project Award
Kimberly Shen, advised by Professors Simon A. Levin and Denis Patterson (Durham University and Visiting Research Scholar in the Levin Lab), has been awarded the Best Research Project Prize by Princeton's Program in Applied and Computational Math (PACM). Congratulations to Kimberly!
05.13.24 - Levin Lab Administrator Sandi Milburn Receives Henry Horn Service Award
The Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology's Committee on Climate for All has awarded the Henry Horn Award for Service to the Department to Sandi Milburn, Levin Lab Administrator. Established in 2024, this award is given in recognition of an EEB member's contributions to the Department (and in honor of the late Professor Emeritus Henry Horn, a beloved colleague who gave so much to EEB). The award will be presented at the EEB Fall Picnic. Sandi shares this year's Henry Horn Award for Service with EEB GS Joel Abraham (Pringle Lab).
01.31.24 - Simon A. Levin Receives Alumni Excellence Award from the University of Maryland
Simon A. Levin has been awarded the 2024 Alumni Excellence Award: Terp Research Award by the University of Maryland Alumni Association. This prestigious award is presented annually to alumni whose research is transformational and making an impact. To read more, click here.
12.11.23 - Former Levin Lab Member Professor Jérôme Chave Elected to the French Academy of Sciences
Professor Jérôme Chave, University of Toulouse III, France, who was a postdoc in the Levin Lab from 1999-2001, has been elected to the French Academy of Sciences. The official ceremony will be held on June 4, 2024. Congratulations on this honor Professor Chave.
10.30.23 - Levin Lab Collaborator & Friend Professor Abba B. Gumel Elected as Fellow of UNESCO's TWAS
Professor Abba B. Gumel, University of Maryland, has been elected as a fellow of UNESCO's World Academy of Sciences, effective January 1, 2024, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to science and its promotion in the developing world. Congratulations on this honor Professor Gumel.
09.22.23 - Theo Gibbs Receives Cassidy Yang Memorial Prize
Theo Gibbs, (GS, Levine and Levin Labs; QCB), has received the Cassidy Yang Memorial Prize from the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics at Princeton. The Prize, in memory of former graduate student Cassidy Yang, is given to graduate students who excel in academics in science or engineering and display leadership in mentoring other students, participating in outreach activities, and fostering the graduate student community.
09.18.23 - Theo Gibbs Receives 2023 Hack Award
Theo Gibbs, (GS, Levine and Levin Labs; QCB), has received a 2023 Mary and Randall Hack ‘69 Graduate Award for Water and the Environment from the High Meadows Environmental Institute. To read about this award and Theo's research, click here.
09.18.23 - Theo Gibbs, Simon A. Levin, and Jonathan M. Levine Receive Award from ESA for their Paper
Theo Gibbs, (GS, Levine and Levin Labs; QCB), Simon A. Levin, and Jonathan M. Levine received an honorable mention (Outstanding Ecological Theory Paper category) from the Ecological Society of America (ESA) for their paper "Coexistence in diverse commnities with higher-order interactions," published in PNAS (2023). To read about the award, click here. To read their paper, click here.
07.17.23 - Simon A. Levin and Former Levin Lab Members Receive Award for Most Cited Paper
Simon A. Levin and former Levin Lab Members Malin Pinsky and Talia Young, along with other scientists, have received the award for the most cited Population Ecology paper 2021-2023, for their paper, "Fish and Fisheries in Hot Water: What Is Happening and How Do We Adapt?" To read their paper, click here.
06.26.23 - Levin Lab Postdocs Guillaume Falmagne and Annie Stephenson Win Poster Prize at SFI Symposium
Levin Lab Postdocs Guillaume Falmagne and Annie Stephenson, along with Simon A. Levin, have won the prize for second best poster at the Sante Fe Institute Collective Intelligence Symposium. The title of their poster is "Surveying Early Warning Signals of Transitions Using a Large-Scale Collaborative Experiment." To see their poster, click here.
05.15.23 - Levin Advisee Daniel Bauman (class of 2023) Receives PACM Prize
Daniel Bauman (Mathematics and Program in Applied & Computational Mathematics [PACM]), has received the PACM Best Research Project Prize for his work on a continuous model of nutrient dynamics and N fixation. Congratulations to Daniel!!
04.03.23 - Former Levin Lab Member Jude Kong Receives York University's President's Emerging Research Leadership Award
Former Levin Lab member Jude Kiong (postdoc 2017-19, now Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at York University) has received the President's Emerging Research Leadership Award from York University. The President of York University writes that this award indicates that Professor Kong has not only made "notable impacts on his field through his research, grant funding and publications, but that he has also developed an outstanding global network for using mathematical modeling and AI to address global health pandemics." Furthermore, Kong has proven himself to be "an advocate for the local Black Creek community, and an outstanding mentor for his students and Black students at York." To read more about Professor Kong and his research, visit his website.
01.10.23 - Professor Talia Young, Founder of Fishadelphia, Featured in Hakai Magazine
Talia Young (Levin Lab postdoc 2016-19; Visiting Assistant Professor, Haverford College, and founder of Fishadelphia, a youth-centered program that brings fresh, local seafood to unserved neighborhoods in Philadelphia) has been featured in the magazine Hakai. To read the article, click here.
01.10.23 - Professor Iain Couzin Receives Rothschild Distinguished Fellowship
Professor Iain Couzin (Levin Lab postdoc 2002-05; Director, Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior, Department of Collective Behavior and Chair of Biodiversity and Collective Behavior, University of Konstanz, Germany) has received the Rothschild Distinguished Fellowship from the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (University of Cambridge). This fellowship is an endowment that supports visits from preeminent mathematicians. To read more about this fellowship and Professor Couzin's plans for it, click here.