Photo: Photograph of Mekong region from Pixabay.
Levin Lab Members - 2023 Publications
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Castella, J.C., Lu, J., Friis, C., Bruun, T.B., Cole, R., Junquera, V., Kenny-Lazar, M., Mahanty, S., Ornetsmüller, C., Pravalprukskul, P., and I. Vagneron. 2023. Beyond the boom-bust cycle: An interdiscipliary framework for analysing crop booms. Global Environmental Change 80, 102651. .pdf

Ozbay, S.A., and M.M. Nguyen. 2023. Parameterizing network graph heterogeneity using a modified Weibull distribution. Applied Network Science 8, 20. .pdf

Perri, S., Detto, M., Porporato, A., and A. Molini. 2023. Salinity-induced limits to mangrove canopy height. Global Ecology and Biogeography 32(9): 1561-1574. .pdf

Thalheimer, L., and W. Oh. 2023. An inventory tool to assess displacement data in the context of weather and climate-related events. Climate Risk Management 40, 100509. .pdf