Photo: Photograph of COViD-19 testing from Pixabay.
Levin Lab Members - 2022 Publications
Note: Levin Lab member's name in highlighted in bold.
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Arinaminpathy, N., Saad-Roy, C.M., Yang, Q., Ahmad, I., Yadav, P., and B. Grenfell. 2022. A global system for the next generation of vaccines. Science 376(6592): 462-464. .pdf

Crabtree, S.A., Kahn, J.G., Jackson, R., Wood, S.A., McKechnie, I., Verhagen, P., Earnshaw, J., Kirch, P.V., Dunne, J.A., and A.J. Dugmore. 2022. Why are sustainable practices often elusive? The role of information flow in the management of networked human-environment interactions. Global Environmental Change. Doi: .pdf

Gibbs, T.
, Zhang, Y., Miller, J.R., and D.P. O'Dwyer. 2022. Stability criteria for the consumption and exchange of essential resources. PloS Computational Biology 18(9): e1010521. .pdf

Junquera, V., Rubenstein, D.I., Grêt-Regamey, A., and F. Knaus. 2022. Structural change in agriculture and farmers' social contracts: Insights from a Swiss mountain region. Agricultural Systems, 200. .pdf

Levine, J.I., Levine, J.M., Gibbs, T., and S.W. Pacala. 2022. Competition for water and species coexistence in phenologically structured annual plant communities. Ecology Letters 25: 1110-1125. .pdf

Oh, W.
, Carmona-Cabrero, A. Munoz-Carpena, and R., Muneepeerakul. 2022. On the interplay among multiple factors: Effects of factor configurtion in a proof-of-concept migration agent-based model. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 25(2): 1-7. .pdf

Saad-Roy, C.M., Metcalf, C.J.E., and B.T. Grenfell. 2022. Immuno-epidemiology and the predictability of viral evolution. Science 376(6598): 1161-1162. .pdf

Stephenson, A.B., Xiao, M., Hwang, V., Qu, L., Odorisio, P.A., Burke, M., Task, K., Deisenroth, T., Barkley, S., Darji, R.H., and V.N. Manoharan. 2022. Predicting the structural colors of films of disordered photonic balls. ACS Photonics 10: 58-70. .pdf

Wagner, C.E., Saad-Roy, C.M., and B.T. Grenfell. 2022. Modelling vaccination strategies for COVID-19. Nature Reviews Immunology 22: 139-141. .pdf

Yamamichi, M., Gibbs, T., and J.M. Levine. 2022. Integrating eco-evolutionary dynamics and modern coexistence theory. Ecology Letters. doi: 10.1111/ele.14078. .pdf