Photo: Detail from the cover of the book Agent Based-Modeling for Archaeology by I. Romanowska, C.D. Wren, and Levin Lab member S. A. Crabtree, published by the Santa Fe Institute Press.
Levin Lab Members - 2021 Publications
Note: Levin Lab member's name in highlighted in bold.
Archive of Recent Years

Bird, M.I., Crabtree, S.A., Haiga, J., Ulm, S., and C.M. Wurstera. 2021. A global carbon and nitrogen isotope perspective on modern and ancient human diet. PNAS 118(19): e2024642118. .pdf

Bradshaw, C.J.A., Chalker, J.M., Crabtree, S.A., Eijkelkamp, B.A., Long, J.A., Smith, J.R., Trinajstic, K., and V. Weisbecker. 2021. A fairer way to compare researchers at any stage and in any discipline using open-access. PLOS One: .pdf

Crabtree, S.A., Dunne, J.A., and S.A. Wood. 2021. Ecological networks and archaeology. Antiquity 95(381): 812-825. .pdf

Crabtree, S.A., White, D.A., Bradshaw, C.J.A. et al. 2021. Landscape rules predict optimal superhighways for the first peopling of Sahul. Nature Human Behavior: .pdf

Kawakatsu, M. , Chodrow, P., Eikmeier, N., and D.B. Larremore. 2021. Emergence of hierarchy in networked endorsement dynamics. PNAS 118 (6): e2015188118. .pdf

Oh, W., Yu, D.J., and R. Muneepeerakul. 2021. Efficiency-fairness trade-offs in evacuation management of urban floods: The effects of the shelter capacity and zone prioritization. PLoS One 16(6): e0253395. .pdf

Titus, M., Hagstrom, G., and J.R. Watson. 2021. Unsupervised manifold learning of collective behavior. PLoS Computational Biology 17(2): e1007811. .pdf

Romanowska, I., Wren, C.D., and S.A. Crabtree. 2021. Agent-Based Modeling for Archaeology: Simulating the Complexity of Societies. Santa Fe, NM: Santa Fe Intstitue Press. For a .pdf of the book, click here.

Ulrich, Y., Kawakatsu, M., Tokita, C.K., Chandra, V., Saragosti, J., Tarnita, C.E., and D.J.C. Kronauer. 2021. Response thresholds alone cannot explain empirical patterns of division of labor in social insects. PLoS Biology 19(6): e3001269. .pdf

Verhagen, P., Crabtree, S.A., Peeters, H., and D. Raemaekers. 2021. Reconstructing human-centered interaction networks of the Swifterbant culture in the Dutch wetlands: An example from the ArchaeoEcology Project. Applied Sciences 11 (11): 4860. .pdf