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Select Publications 2024
Choquette-Levy, N., Wildemeersch, M., Santos, F.P., Levin, S.A., Oppenheimer, M., and E.U. Weber. 2024. Prosocial preferences improve climate risk management in subsistence farming communities. Nature Sustainability. .pdf
Crabtree, S.A., Wren, C.D., Dixit, A., and S.A. Levin. 2024. Influential individuals can promote prosocial practices in heterogeneous societies: A mathematical and agent-based model. PNAS Nexus 3(7): 224: 1116674. .pdf
Deng, J., Taylor, W., Levin, S.A., and S. Saavedra. 2024. On the limits to invasion prediction using coexistence outcomes. Journal of Theoretical Biology 577: 1116674. .pdf
Gibbs, T., Gellner, G., Levin, S.A., McCann, K.S., Hastings, A., and J.M. Levine. 2024. When can higher-order interactions resolve the species coexistence? Ecology Letters 27: e14458. .pdf
Hagstron, G.I., Stock, C.A., Luo, J.Y., and S.A. Levin. 2024. Impact of dynamic phytoplankton stoichiometry on global scale patterns of nutrient limitation, nitrogen fixation, and carbon export. Global Biochemical Cycles. .pdf
Junquera, V., Schlüter, M., Rocha, J., Wunderling, N., Levin, S.A., Rubenstein, D.I., Castella, J.C., and P. Meyfroidt. 2024. Crop booms as regime shifts. Royal Society Open Science 11: 231571. .pdf
Oh, W.S., Muneepeerakul, R., Rubenstein, D., and S. Levin. 2024. Emergent network patterns of internal displacement in Somalia driven by natural disasters and conflicts. Global Environmental Change 84: 102973. .pdf
Patterson, D., Levin, S., Staver, A.C., and J. Touboul. 2024. Pattern formation in mesic savannas. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 83(3). .pdf
Perri, S., Levin, S.A., Cerasoli, S., and A. Porporato. 2024. Socio-political dynamics in clean energy transition. Environmental Research Letters 19(7): 074017. .pdf
Select Publications 2023
Anderies, J.M., and S.A. Levin. 2023. "Conservation of fragility and the collapse of social orders." In How Worlds Collapse: What History, Systems, and Complexity Can Teach Us About Our Modern World and Fragile Future, eds. M. Centeno, P. Callahan, P. Larcey, and T. Patterson, 262-295. New York: Routledge.
Dasgupta, P., and S. Levin. 2023. Economic factors underlying biodiversity loss. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 378 (1881): 20220197. .pdf
Forrest, S., Kinzig, A., Feldman, S., Graham, A.L., Levin, S., Rexford, J., and E. Schrom. (2023, January 11). Mother Nature's 7 lessons for a safer world. Nautilus. To read, click here.
Hagstrom, G.I., and S.A. Levin. 2023. "Phase transitions and the theory of early warning indicators for critical transitions." In How Worlds Collapse: What History, Systems, and Complexisty Can Teach Us About Our Modern World and Fragile Future, eds. M. Centeno, P. Callahan, P. Larcey, and T. Patterson, 358-374. New York: Routledge.
Perri, S., Levin, S., Hedin, L.O., Wunderling, N., and A.M. Porporato. 2023. Socio-political feedback on the path to net zero. One Earth 6: 1-13. .pdf
Schrom, E., Kinzig, A., Forrest, S., et al. (including S.A. Levin). 2023. Challenges in cybersecurity: Lessons from biological defense systems. Mathematical Biosciences 362: 109024. .pdf
Walker, B., Crépin, A.-S., Nyström, M., et al. 2023. Response diversity as a sustainability strategy. Nature Sustainability. .pdf
Xu, L., Wang, J., Patterson, D., and S.A. Levin. 2023. Non-equilibrium early-warning signals for critical transitions in ecological systems. PNAS 120 (5): e2218663120. .pdf
Select Publications 2022
Carlson, A.K., Taylor, W.W., DeVries, D.R., et al. (including S.A. Levin). 2022. A U.S. perspective on the ten steps to responsible inland fisheries. Fisheries 47(2): 68-77. .pdf
Junquera, V., Rubenstein, D.I., Grêt-Regamey, A., and F. Knaus. 2022. Structural change in agricultural and farmers' social contracts: Insights from a Swiss mountain region. Agricultural Systems 200: 103435. .pdf
Krueger, E.H., Constantino, S.M., Centeno, M.A., Elmqvist, T., Weber, E.U., and S. A. Levin. 2022. Governing sustainable transformations of urban social-ecological-technological systems. npj Urban Sustainability 2, 10. To read, click here.
Krueger, E.H., McPhearson, T., and S. A. Levin. 2022. Integrated assessment of urban water supply security and resilience: Towards a streamlined approach. Environmental Research Letters 17(7): 075006. .pdf
Martiny, A.C., Hagstrom, G.I., DeVries, T., Letscher, R.T., Britten, G.L., Garcia, C.A., Galbraith, E., Karl, D., Levin, S.A., Lomas, M.W., Moreno, A.R., Talmy, D., Wang, W., and K. Matsumoto. 2022. Marine phytoplankton resilience may moderate oligotropic ecosystem responses and biogeochemical feedbacks to climate change. Limnology and Oceanography 9999: 1-2. .pdf
Oh, W., Carmona-Cabrero, A., Muñoz-Carpena, R., and R. Muneepeerakul. 2022. On the interplay among multiple factors: Effects of factor configuration in a proof-of-concept migration agent-based model. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Stimulation 259(2): 1-7. .pdf
Perri, S., Molini, A., Hedin, L.O., and A. Porporato. 2022. Contrasting effects of aridity and seasonality on global salinization. Nature Geoscience 15: 375-381. .pdf
Qiu, Z., Espinoza, B., Vasconcelos, V.V., et al. (including S.A. Levin). 2022. Understanding the coevolution of mask wearing and epidemics: A network perspective. PNAS 119(26): e2123355119. .pdf
Rosenkrantz, D.J., Vullikanti, A., Ravi, S.S., Stearns, R.E., Levin, S., Poor, H.V., and M.V. Marathe. 2022. Fundamental limitations on efficiently forecasting certain epidemic measures in network models. PNAS 119(4): e2109228119. .pdf
Solé, R., and S.A. Levin, organizers. 2022. Ecological Complexity and the Biosphere: The Next 30 Years: A Theme Issue Compiled and Edited by Ricard Solé and Simon A. Levin. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: 377(1857). .pdf
Solé, R., and S.A. Levin. 2022. Introduction: Ecological complexity and the biosphere: The next 30 years. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: 377(1857): 20210376. .pdf
Select Publications 2021
Carlson, A.K., Rubenstein, D.I., and S.A. Levin. 2021. Modeling Atlantic herring fisheries as multiscalar human-natural systems. Fisheries Research 236: 105855. .pdf

Carlson, A.K., Young, T., Centeno, M.A., Levin, S.A., and D.I. Rubensstein. 2021. Boat to bowl: Resilience through network rewiring of a community-supported fishery amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Environmental Research Letters 16: 034054. .pdf

Karatayev, V.A., Vasconcelos,V.V., Lafuite, A.-S., Levin, S.A., Bauch, C.T., and M. Anand. 2021. A well-timed switch from local to global agreements accelerates climate change mitigation. Nature Communications 12(1). .pdf
Levin, S.A.. and A.W. Lo, organizers. 2021. PNAS Special Feature on Evolutionary Models of Financial Markets 118(26). For the complete issue with the special feature, click here.
Levin, S.A.. Milner. H.V, and C. Perrings, organizers. 2021. PNAS Special Feature on Political Polarization118(50). For the complete issue with the special feature, click here.
Levin, S.A. and T. Xepapadeas. 2021. On the evolution of economic and ecological systems. Annual Review of Resource Economics 13:
To read, click here.

Morris, D.H., Rossine, F.W., Plotkin, J.B., and S.A. Levin. 2021. Optimal, near-optimal, and robust epidemic control. Communications Physics 4(1): 1-8. .pdf
Romano, R. and S.A.. 2021. Sunsetting as an adaptive strategy. PNAS Special Feature on Evolutionary Models of Financial Markets 118(26): e2015258118. .pdf
Saad-Roy, C.M., Morris, S.E., Metcalf, C.J.E., Mina, M.J., Baker, R.E., Farrar, J., Holmes, E.C., Pybus, O.G., Graham, A. L., Levin, S.A., Grenfell, B.T., and C.E. Wagner. 2021. Epidemiological and evolutionary considerations of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine dosing regimes. Science 372(6540): 363-370. .pdf
Santos, F.P., Levin, S.A., and V.V. Vasconcelos. 2021. Biased perceptions explain collective action deadlocks and suggest new mechanisms to prompt cooperation. iScience 24(4): 102375. .pdf
Xu, L., Patterson, D., Staver, A.C., Levin, S.A., and J. Wang. 2021. Unifying deterministic and stochastic ecological dynamics via a landscape-flux approach. PNAS 118(24): e2103779118. .pdf
Select Publications 2020
Benth, F., Eikeset, A., Levin S.A., and W. Ren. 2020. Analysis of the risk premium in the forward market for salmon. Journal of Commodity Markets. .pdf
Carlson, A.K.,Taylor, W..W., Rubenstein, D.I., Levin, S.A., and J. Liu. 2020. Global marine fishing across space and time. Sustainability 12(11), 4714. .pdf
Carlson, A.K. Levin, S.A., and D.I. Rubenstein. 2020. New Jersey's small, networked farms are a model for a more resilient food system. The Conversation (June 3, 2020). Read here.
Garcia, C.A., Hagstrom, G.I., Larkin, A., Ustick, L., Levin, S.A., Lomas, M.W., and A.C. Martiny. 2020. Linking regional shifts in microbial genome adaptation with surface ocean biogeochemistry. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. .pdf
McManus, L.C., Vasconcelos, V.V., Levin, S.A., Thompson, D.M., Kleypas, J.A., Castruccio, S., Curchitser, E.N., and J.R. Watson. 2020. Extreme temperature events will drive coral decline in the Coral Triangle. Global Change Biology. doi:10.1111/geb.14972. .pdf
Molina, C., Akcay, E., Dieckmann, U., Levin, S.A., and E. Rovenskaya. 2020. Combatting climate change with matching-commitment agreements. Nature Scientific Reports 10: 10251. .pdf
Pinsky, M.L., Fenichel, E., Fogarty, M., Levin, S., McCay, B., St. Martin, K., Selden, R.L., and T. Young. 2020. Fish and fisheries in hot water: What is happening and how do we adapt? Population .pdf
Saad-Roy, C.M., Wingreen, N.S., Levin, S.A., and B.T. Grenfell. 2020. Dynamics in a simple evolutionary-epidemiological model for the evolution of an initial asymtomatic infection stage. .pdf
Vasconcelos, V.V., Hannam, P., Levin, S.A., and J. Pacheco. 2020. Coalition-structured governance improves cooperation to provide public goods. Nature Scientific Reports 10, 9194. .pdf
Select Publications 2019
Chang, C.H., Williams, S.J., Zhang, M., Levin, S.A., Wilcove, D.S., and R.-C. Quan. 2019. Perceived entertainment and recreational value motivate illegal hunting in Southwest China. Biological Conservation 234: 100-106. .pdf
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Vasconcelos, V.V., Levin, S.A., and F.L. Pinheiro. 2019. Consensus and polarization in competing complex contagion processes. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 16: 20190196. .pdf
Select Publications 2018
Eikeset, A.M., Mazzarella, A.B., Davidsdottir, B., Klinger, D.H., Levin, S.A., Rovenskaya, E., and N.C. Stenseth. 2018. What is blue growth? The semantics of "sustainable development" of marine enviroments. Marine Policy 87:117-179. .pdf
Klein, E.Y., Van Boeckel, T.P., Martinez, E.M., Pant, S., Gandra, S., Levin, S.A., Goossens, H. and R. Laxminarayan. 2018. Global increase and geographic convergence in antibiotic consumption between 2000 and 2015. PNAS:115(15): E3463-3470. .pdf
McManus, L.C., Watson, J.R., Vasconcelos, V.V., and S.A. Levin. 2018. Stability and recovery of coral-algae systems: The importance of recruitment seasonality and grazing influence. Theoretical Ecology: .pdf
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Moreno, A.R., Hagstrom, G.I., Primeau, F.W., Levin, S.A., and A.C. Martiny. 2018. Marine phytoplankton stoichiometry mediates nonlinear interactions between nutrient supply, temperature, and atmospheric CO2. Biogeosciences 15: 2761-2018. .pdf
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Touboul, J.D., Staver, A.C., and S.A. Levin. 2018. On the complex dynamics of savanna landscapes. PNAS: 115(7): E1336-E1345. .pdf
Select Publications 2017
Chang, C.H., Barnes, M.L., Frye, M., Zhang, M., Quan, R.-C., Reisman, L.M.G., Levin, S.A., and D.S. Wilcove. 2017. The pleasure of pursuit: Recreational hunters in rural Southwest China exhibit low exit rates in response to declining catch. Ecology and Society: 22(1): 43. .pdf
Dixit, A. and S.A. Levin. 2017. Social creation of pro-social preferences for collective action. In The Theory of Externalities and Public Goods: A Memorial Volume Honoring Richard C. Cornes, ed. W. Buchholz and D. Rubbelke, 127-143. .Springer.
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Select Publications 2016
Fenichel, E. et al. (including S.A. Levin). 2016. Wealth reallocation and sustainability under climate change. Nature Climate Change 6: 237-244. .pdf
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Select Publications 2015
Bonachela, J.A. et al. (including S.A. Levin). 2015. Termite mounds can increase the robustness of dryland ecosystems to climate change. Science 347(6222): 651-655. .pdf
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Select Publications 2014
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Select Publications 2013
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Select Publications 2011-12
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