Grants. Center for BioComplexity

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Photo: Meeting of the Dialogues in Complexity study group, Scottsdale, Arizona.
Current CBC Affiliated Grants
I. Title: Resilience and Robustness in Ecological Distributed Decision-Making Dynamics
Source of Support: Army Research Office
Major Goals: To understand how consensus is achieved in multi-agent systems, and the implications for resilience and robustness of those systems.
PIs: Naomi Leonard (Princeton, MAE), Vaibhav Srivastava (University of Michigan), Simon A. Levin
II. Title: Stockholm Resilience Centre Research Exchange Program
Source of Support: Princeton University Provost International Fund, High Meadows Environmental Institute, Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment
Major Goals: To provide travel funds for faculty and students to the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, in support of the collaborative program with those institutions.
PI: Simon A. Levin
III. Title: Feeding the World in 2020/Resilience, Adaptation, and Systemic Risk
Source of Support: Princeton University Dean for Research, High Meadows Environmental Institute, Stockholm Resilience Centre
Major Goals: To provide postdoctoral positions in support of collaborative research on resilience, adaptation, and systemic risk.
PI: Simon A. Levin
IV. Title: Expeditions: Collaborative Research: Global Pervasive Computational Epidemiology
Source of Support: National Science Foundation
Major Goals: To use innovative technological and scientific advancements to plan for, and respond to, epidemics and pandemics, including outbreaks of deadly novel viruses and even the common flu; to find ways to stop or mitigate outbreaks before they spread across the globe.
PI: Simon A. Levin, Madhav Marathe (University of Virginia)
V. Title: Dialogues in Complexity
Source of Support: Arizona State University
Major Goals: To organize coupled small workshops on topics in complexity that will result in papers published in leading journals.
PI: Simon A. Levin
VI. Title: Cooperative Institute for Modeling the Earth System (CIMES) - Task III: Dynamic Elemental Stoichiometry in COBALT
Source of Support: U.S. DOC - NOAA
Major Goals: To implement dynamic elemental stoichiometry for phytoplankton in GDFL's IPCC/CMIP class Earth Systems Model.
PIs: Gabriel A. Vecchi (Princeton, Geosciences & HMEI), George Hagstrom, Simon A. Levin
VII. Title: Collaborative Research: Interactive Physiological Controls of Trait Expression, Nutrient Allocation, and the Elemental Stoichiometry of Synechococcus
Source of Support: National Science Foundation
Major Goals: To examine and model the physiological controls on trait expression, nutrient allocation and stoichiometry of the crucial Synechococcus species in marine environments.
PI: Simon A. Levin
VIII. Title: Collaborative Research: IHBEM: Data-Driven Methods for Behavior-Based Epidemiological Modeling
Source of Support: National Science Foundation
Major Goals: Development of methods for using data to inform the incorporation of individual behaviors into epidemiological models.
PI: Simon A. Levin, Madhav Marathe (University of Virginia)
IX. Title: Modeling-Based Approaches to a Science of Democracy Reform
Source of Support: Princeton Catalysis Initiative
Major Goals: To explore the effects of alternative voting systems on achieving democratic outcomes.
PI: Samuel S.-H. Wang (Princeton, Neuroscience Institute), Simon A. Levin